The 35th corridor in Northeast Seattle offers plenty of dental options.

We thought it would be useful to list out the highest rated dentists in Northeast Seattle according to AreaDentist’s dentist data.

According to their report, here are the top five dentists in the 98115 zip code (so basically the Wedgwood, Matthews Beach, Meadowbrook and parts of Lake City):

  • Roosevelt Dental Center
  • Wedgwood Dental Center
  • Andrew Franklin, DDS
  • Green & Pietsch Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Don Sing Dentistry

It always makes us laugh anytime we’re driving on 35th, because it seems like there are a ton of dentists in the area. Just about every city block seems to have at least one dentist office in the little business center as you drive from 55th to 95th.

If you need any helpful tips on how to pick the right dentist, check out WebMD’s guide to picking a dentist.

With so many to choose from in our part of the city, though, it doesn’t seem likely that you’ll need much help finding one you like. Always remember, if you don’t like your dentist, you can very easily switch to a new provider.

There are several great dental programs in Seattle, so it makes sense that we would have an abundance of reliable dental care.

Do you have a favorite dentist you want to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!