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Here’s How Bad the Sidewalk Problem is in North Seattle

It’s well known – Sidewalks in North Seattle leave something to be desired.  When I walk to the bus in the morning from my house, I walk 3 blocks.  Only 1 of those blocks has a sidewalk on it, and I’m one of the lucky ones.  The rest of the time, I’m dodging cars on the side of the road.

But how bad is the problem? It’s pretty bad.  Here’s a file (Source: City of Seattle/SDOT) that really shows you just how bad this is.  Take a look at this diagram and you’ll see that North Seattle as a whole is the most shortchanged of all neighborhoods in Seattle.

And the issue is widespread in North Seattle.  All the way from the Sound to Lake Washington, we see Tier 1 sidewalks across the North Seattle region.

Yet, in reports, such as this one, or this one from the City of Seattle don’t mention any of the North Seattle neighborhoods once.  This means that in strategic plans produced by SDOT, they have essentially de-prioritized all of North Seattle.  No matter that we are a center of families and commuters to downtown, we just don’t end up getting a piece of the pie on sidewalks.

How to fix this? As a friend of mine once told me when I was dealing with what seemed to be an insurmountable problem: keep asking the hard questions.  Write to City Council. Talk about this issue.  Tell your friends.

North Seattle is underserved – and it’s clear from the lack of sidewalks.  Some of this is history, some of this is representation.  But none of this means that we can’t move forward with the rest of Seattle.

Is Hellbent the New De Facto Lake City Hangout?

Hellbent Brewing Company (@HellbentB) is the newest Brewery on Lake City Way, and let me tell you – from anecdotal evidence it seems to be the new De Facto meeting place for all things Lake City.  Since opening just a little bit ago, this place seems to be the Lake City Hangout.

Since starting this blog, I’ve been scheduling times to meet with several local leaders and businesspeople to talk about what they do – and almost all of them end up being at Hellbent Brewing.  I also go there with my friends and it is always packed, even on weeknights.

But I can see why – it’s got great beer, is committed to the local community, is dog-friendly, and has a great atmosphere.  What’s not to love?

With Lake City being one of Seattle’s “up and coming” neighborhoods, though, this seems to be about right.  Here’s a place that can be looked to as a great community highlight as we’re showing the rest of Seattle that this is a great place to live.

Anyone else seeing a community shift to meeting/hanging out at Hellbent?

This Week’s Highlights: Jan 31-Feb 6, 2016

Welcome to our first edition of This Week’s Highlights for North Seattle.  This is where we’ll try to put together a good list of events and other cool items for the week ahead.

This will be a list that we’ll start aggregating, but we can only be as good as our sources.  If you’d like to submit something to our highlights list, email us at highlights@ournorthseattle.com.  Not all will make it in, but we’ll try to make sure we have a solid list.

Mail in Your Ballots!
While they’re not due until Feb 9, it’s time to think about your property taxes and how we fund Schools for this special election. There will be a ballot drop at Magnuson Park later on in the week – Link with Map

Family Story Time – Lake City Public Library
Monday, Feb 1 10:30-11:15am @ Lake City Public Library – Map :: Link

Hellbent Trivia Tuesday (Geeks Who Drink) – Hellbent Brewing Company
Every Tuesday at 7pm @ Hellbent Brewing Company Map :: Link

Taproot Theater’s Silent Sky – Taproot Theater
Wed/Thur @ 7:30pm | Fri/Sat @ 8:00pm | Sat @ 2:00pm Map :: Link
Pay what you can: Wednesday Feb 3, Senior Matinee: Tuesday, February 2

Free Tax Prep/Filing – Northgate Library
Thursday, Feb 4 1:00pm @ Northgate Library – Map :: Link

Why is this list so short? Because we need your help! Email us at highlights@ournorthseattle.com with cool event highlights that benefit our community and we’ll try to include them in our next week’s highlight post.