When it comes to affordable housing, North Seattle seems to leave something to be desired.  However, we want to balance the amount of new housing being built with the existing housing and families that are here.

Mayor Murray has declared a State of Emergency when it comes to homelessness in Seattle.  While affordable housing does not equate to homelessness, housing as a whole is a big part of the homeless issue.  And, as we increase supply of housing at all levels of need will benefit.

One of the ways that we can help is with the Housing Affordability and Living Agenda – also known as HALA.  Fortunately, Mayor Murray wants to talk with a large portion of our Seattle residents about what’s going on with HALA.  Therefore, he is hosting a town hall over the phone on HALA.

There have been two town hall meetings already, but one more remains, here are the details:

Thursday, February 4, 2016, 6 – 7pm
Call in at: (855)-756-7520   Ext.31028#

Thanks to open communication with our Seattle Mayor’s office, I’ve heard about this event.  Also, if you’re interested on serving on a HALA Focus group – here’s an application.  Please apply if you’re interested in serving the rest of the North Seattle Community!

Also, if you’re able to make the call, let me know.  Unfortunately I will be busy, but would love to know what happened.

Hopefully we can provide housing for everyone in Seattle, because this will benefit all of us!