Quick update to the closure of Sand Point Way

From Art Brochet, City of Seattle:

This is an update on the emergency replacement for a retaining wall in the 8500 block of Sand Point Way NE.  Please feel free to share with others.

As of noon on Tuesday February 23rd the contractor had set 8 steel I-beams into the slope just east of the shoulder of Sand Point Way NE.  Each I-beam is 60 foot long, 24 inches across and weighs 11,568 pounds.  The steel beams are set into 36 inch diameter holes, partially filled with concrete.  After the concrete sets, wood timbers are fit in between the steel beams to hold back the slope – and the roadway.

The cranes which bore the holes and set the steel beams block the entire width of the road – which is the reason for the detours on Sand Point Way NE.  However, even after the remaining steel beams are set and the cranes moved off site, further work will be required – restoring the water main, rebuilding the road shoulder and repaving the road surface.  Crews are continuing to work 6 days a week, typically 10 hours a day, in an effort to restore Sand Point Way NE to use as soon as possible.

Traffic along the detour route – along NE 70th Street, 35th Avenue NE and NE 95th Street – has been very congested, especially during peak travel hours.  Please be considerate of pedestrians attempting to cross at intersections along this route and be patient with everyone.  The Seattle Police Department has been requested to provide speed enforcement patrols in the area to enhance everyone’s safety.

For those unfamiliar with the project or its schedule, or are interested in photos of the project, please refer to the website http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/sandpoint_retainingwall.htm . If you have specific questions about the project itself, or if you would like to be added to the list for receiving this construction update bulletin, please email me at art.brochet@seattle.gov .

Thank you for your interest and please travel safely.

Here are a few photos of the replacement (All Courtesy the City of Seattle):

Sand Point Way Closure | Courtesy City of Seattle

Sand Point Way Closure | Courtesy City of Seattle