It’s fun to hop around your own city and find some fun little spots that don’t draw much tourist attraction. It can be fun to see these little pockets of local gems, right in your own backyard. And since according to Champion Traveler, it’s the best time to visit Seattle right now, we’re in peak tourist season, so it might be fun to avoid the big stops like Pike Place and the Space Needle in favor of some fun sights right in your own backyard.

So what are some fun little North Seattle things to see? Below are some of our favorites:

The Wedgwood Rock

A giant boulder right in the middle of a quiet little neighborhood, with an interesting back story. The Wedgwood Rock is known as a glacial erratic, or basically a giant rock that differs from other native rock formations. In other words, there’s a giant boulder in the middle of the neighborhood that nobody really knows where it came from. Don’t think about climbing on it though, that’s a city fine of $100. Apparently this law was put in place to keep the pot smoking hippies off of the thing as Seattle was incorporating.

Maple Leaf Reservoir Park

What used to be a giant hole full of water is now one of the city’s most underrated parks. The Maple Leaf Reservoir Park now has sport fields, a walking track, huge playgrounds, butterfly gardens, and Cloud City Coffee right next door for a quick fill-up. This park is great for kids as well as adults, and is far less crowded than many of the city’s other large parks.

Pilling’s Pond

An adorable story about a young boy digging this pond 100 years ago before becoming a world-famous bird expert adds to the quirky aura surrounding Pilling’s Pond. While it’s a private park, it is still visible from the road, giving a great view at several different breeds of birds. It’s a beautiful part of North Seattle’s quirky history.

Sakuma Viewpoint

Waterfront parks can be some of the busiest in Seattle, but Sakuma Viewpoint south of the University of Washington campus remains a great little spot to have lunch on a sunny day, right on the water. It has a great view of the passing boats just about to travel through the cut. One of our favorite little spots to picnic. It’s also right next to Aqua Verde if you’re looking to rent a kayak to cruise around the two lakes.