Welcome to North Seattle – we are a community that cares about our City, our Neighborhoods, and each other.  This blog serves to promote interaction between neighbors as we strive to be more engaged in our local life.

About the Editor

Nate Strong, North Seattle Resident

Nate Strong (@ndlstrong) was born and raised in the Washington, DC area – in a Census Designated Place called Olney, Maryland. Excited to see the world, he moved to Seattle to attend college at Seattle Pacific University all the way across the country.  While his plan was to originally move back to DC after graduation, he fell in love with Seattle and had to stay.  Over the years since, Nate has become more engaged in his community, the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle specifically.

Nate works at a Social Media Tech startup, Socedo, in Downtown Seattle. After living in Queen Anne and Magnolia for a few years, Nate decided to move up to the North Seattle area, specifically because of the community he felt was forming in a unique way. You might find him at some of the North Seattle mainstay establishments, Skiing in the Cascades, or even on his morning commute on the 522 or the 312.

To contact nate, email: nate@ournorthseattle.com.