Sometimes you fail.  Other times you fail publicly.  This blog is a representation of the latter.  Obviously you would hope for some successes in there as well, which fortunately I’ve experienced a few of those in 2016, which have probably contributed somewhat to the failures here on Our North Seattle.

I started this blog about a year ago with the intention of involving myself more in the North Seattle/District 5 community.  What happened was absolutely unexpected, and was both exhilarating and stressful at the same time.  This blog got a lot more attention than I thought.  And I became overloaded.  Quickly.

Part of the reason for this was that I’m also employed full time.  Really more than full time – I work for a startup in downtown Seattle, and that #startuplife can get crazy.  Fortunately we’ve been somewhat successful over 2016, which has only increased my stress level because there’s more responsibility.  I’m writing this coming off of another promotion announcement, which is, again, great, but also takes more time.

Another piece was my addiction to travel.  I started going a new place every month, and this took me away from the city that I love and my involvement in our area.  It’s the classic “wanting to have it all,” that was getting in the way of actually having it all. Or as one of my favorite characters in TV puts it “Don’t half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”

Enter my friend Tyler.  Tyler and I have known each other for many years, and was the first person that I profiled as a business owner in North Seattle.  He’s great – he has an amazing wife and a beautiful baby who’s growing so fast.  He’s also investing more and more time in the development of Seattle – he’s started working on a podcast called Rise Seattle.  Tyler sat me down (and bought me lunch) to talk about Our North Seattle.  He and I share the same vision – having a place for news, community highlights, advocacy, and overall communication around North Seattle, which is lacking in that area.  So I invited him to join me.

Beginning Mid-March, Tyler and I have committed to contributing about once per week to the blog, which means that we will have about two posts per week.  We’ll be talking about local business, community events, and some news.  We’ll try to have one long-form piece per month detailing a business, or a person, or even an issue, within North Seattle.

We’re also looking for more help.  To make this a true community blog, we want to have a community.  First, we would love to have someone who’s passionate about quick daily news articles and social media to join the team.  If you are interested in taking this on, email me with a few writing samples and we can talk about what it would look like (currently we’re all volunteer).  And, if you have a passion for also writing weekly in a specific area of interest, we would love to hear from you!

Throughout 2017, we want to grow this community and our reach so that you have a voice in North Seattle politics, business, and life.  Tell your friends, sign up for our email list, and follow us on Social Media.  Thanks for bearing with us as we relaunch, and I am excited to see what this year holds in store for us.

Thanks for your continued readership!